Interview with an Oscar Voter

This week I sat down with an Oscar voter (whom wishes to remain anonymous) and had a chat about who they decided to vote for this year. This is what he had to say:

I guess we could start with Best Picture. Who did you go for in the Best Picture category?

I went with Boyhood because it took 12 years to film—12 years! That’s more than a decade!

Did you cast your vote because of the technique or the actual film?

Well, the film was good as well. The way you got to see that kid grow up over the course of the film was amazing. Seeing everyone age before your eyes was pretty incredible. Never seen anything like that before—12 years!

Yes, the execution was very well done. Very naturalist and—

12 years!

—Ah… yeah… very naturalist and in direct contrast to many of those up for Best Visual Effects.

Yeah that’s true. Although for Special Effects I went with Guardians of the Galaxy, because just look at those special effects. They’re pretty incredible. But really you could pick any one of those films from that list. All their special effects are just amazing. They go all the way up to 11!

But maybe the more subtle, nuanced special effects that don’t draw attention to themselves could possibly be even more deserving of the award, no?


… But these ones go up to 11.

How about Best Sound Editing? Who did you vote for here?

I went for Whiplash here because—

Wait, Whiplash wasn’t nominated in this category.

It wasn’t?

No, maybe you’re thinking of the Sound Mixing category.

[Laughs] Ah yes, you’re right. God knows what the difference is between those two. For this I just picked the movie I liked the most; so, for me, it’s Battle of the Five Armies. The sound was really good in that. Nice and loud.

What did you think of the nominees overall this year? Good year, bad year?

I haven’t seen all the nominees but I thought it was a pretty good year. Although I didn’t care for Whiplash. Like I said, I thought the sound was good—I’m a big fan of drumming—but a film about a guy who does horrible things to people AND shows hardly any remorse for it is pretty distasteful. Even at the end he openly says he wouldn’t have done anything differently if he had the chance. What a nasty little film. But I loved American Sniper.

Er, right… What about Selma? What were your thoughts on Selma?

I thought Selma was good. But when I heard people were chanting, “I can’t breathe!” at the premier I thought that was a bit unnecessary. I mean it was good, but not take-your-breath-away good.

Regular nominee Meryl Streep has been nominated again for Into the Woods this year. Are you a Meryl fan?

God yes! That woman can do no wrong. This is like her zillionth nomination or something as well, isn’t it? [pauses] I mean maybe it would be nice if a man could be nominated as much as that someday. It is a bit unfair the way women kind of run the show around here, but hey, that’s Hollywood, right?


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